"Poster Shop" was an exploration of traditional printmaking techniques and communication. I learned how to set and letterpress woodblock type, practiced trace printing, experimented with gauche, created stencils,  stamped, used digital typesetting software, designed lithographic plates and operated a lithographic press. These pieces reflect an array of these printmaking techniques used to design publicity posters for a band and provide commentary on genetically modified foods. 

Paintings | Impressionist Renditions

During my semester abroad in Madrid, Spain, I studied painting with Professor Juan Massana del Castillo. The course focused on technique and color theory through imitating the great impressionist masters. My renditions included Blue Dancers by Edgar Degas, The Artist's Garden at Vétheuil by Claude Monet and Cliff Walk at Pourville by Claude Monet, in addition to an introductory study of the human figure. 


Drawing I

This page chronicles my freshman semester in foundational drawing. I began with an artist reproduction, using a grid to transfer the image. I then progressed to interpreting a dimensional space on a flat plane in a series of still life drawings in both charcoal and graphite. The objective of the piece included was rendering various fabric textures: a t-shirt, fur, paper towel, satin, and white cloth. For my first original piece, I was randomly assigned the word "identity" to depict visually. For my solution I drew a self portrait and explored the impact of the digital revolution on our identity. I also explored colored pencil for a series of unrelated images. The final assignment was a self portrait, for which I selected a candid shot to embody my enthusiasm for life. 

Fine Art

A curated collection of my artistic pursuits in printmaking, painting, and drawing.